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Company Name Tsuchiya Dairy Equipment MFG. Co.
Location Head Office: West 21 North 1-3-2, Obihiro City, Hokkaidô,
080-2461 Japan
PHONE +81 (0)155 37-2161   -   FAX +81 (0)155)37-2751
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Established November 1952 (founded in March 1933)
Corporate Purpose 1) Manufacturing and sales of dairy machinery and appliances
2) Construction of animal housing associated with aforementioned business
Capital Stock ¥ 60 million
Number of Employees 113
Main line of business Milking sytems, Feeding systems, Manure handling,
Herd management, Ice shelter, Biogas plants
Main banking connections Mizuho Bank Obihiro branch, Bank of Hokkaidô Obihiro branch, Bank of Hokuriku Obihiro branch, Obihiro Shinkin Bank Western branch, Hokuyô Bank Obihiro central branch
Board members President: Tsuchiya Noriaki, Auditor: Yano Takashi
Executive Managing Director: Tsuchiya Masaaki
Main Business Partners Hokuren Group (Hokkaidô Agriculture Cooperative Associations),
Hokkaidô Federation of Livestock Agriculture Cooperative Associations,
each Agricultural Cooperatives on Hokkaidô,
Hokkaidô Agricultural Development Corporation,
National Federation of Dairy Cooperative Associations,
Federation of Dairy Cooperative Associations in each prefecture on Honshû,
each Dairy Cooperative Association on Honshû,

Sato Metal Trading Co., Ltd.,
Kohno-Shoji Corporation
Nelson (USA)
Southern States (USA)
Nedap (Netherlands)
WOLF System (Austria)

Yamada Machine Industry Co,. Ltd.
Hokkaido Shearing Co., Ltd.
DeLaval International
Balzer Inc. (USA)
Humane (USA)
2G Energy (Germany)
Technical cooperation PlanET (Germany)
Affiliated Companies Tsuchiya DeMuth Corporation
Ice Shelter Co., Ltd.
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