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Monarisk Slurry Tanks

Monarisk slurry tanks are reinforced concrete tanks for slurry storage.
With steel plate shuttering 4m - 50m diameter tanks can be constructed underground, semi-underground, or above ground. Since 1996 we built already more than 110 tanks.

Slury tank
Monarisk Slurry Tank Specification
Material Steel-reinforced concrete
Concrete structural strength 21N / mm2
Rebars SD295A
Tank inner diameter 4m - 50m (in 0.5m steps)
Tank height 1m - 12m (in 1.0m steps)
Wall thickness 200mm - 500mm, depending on strengh calculation
Formwork Curved wall steel formwork
(inner formwork is supported by inner scaffolding)
Inner formwork: Width 785mm x Height 1000mm, 32kg
Outer formwork: Width 805mm x Height 1000mm, 35kg
Formwork anchors Not used to ensure maximum impermeability
Slurry tank
Slurry tank construction
Slurry tank
Completed slurry tank
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